OCK (Osha Compliant Kit) First Aid Kit

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The NEW OCK (OSHA Compliant Kit) is hands down the absolute best First-Aid Kit for any workplace held to OSHA standards. Designed to exceed both the Class A and Class B requirements, the OCK gives you the peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, you have the tools to make it right! Packaged in an AMERICAN MADE Condition One Hard case, it’s not only water resistant, but also built to be durable to withstand those harder jobs. Using only the best components from Tac-Med Solutions, North American Rescue, SAM Medical, and so much more, we aim to give you the proper tools for the work at hand!

The OCKS line was designed and engineered by industry leaders in various fields. Making it appropriate for any jobsite, from Logging, Construction, Manufacturing, Machinist, Equipment Operators, Tele-Communications, all the way to Restaurants, Grocery Stores, and much more! We have succeeded in giving you not only the ability to be OSHA compliant, but also have the best components in the world while doing so!

OCK BASIC- The OCK Basic is designed to exceed the specifications of both Class A and Class B OSHA First Aid Kit Standards. Working to ensure your employees have the correct tools, prepared to handle everything from a boo-boo to massive bleeding.

OCK ADVANCED- The OCK Advanced not only exceeds the specifications of Class A and Class B OSHA First Aid Kits, but also is equipped with even more Trauma Treatment Capabilities! Giving you the ability to treat more in-depth casualties with the Kit you have on site. With everything from Chest Seals to Rehydration Salts, we aim to make even the most hazardous job site safer!

For orders of 10 or more OCK KITS, please reach out to Sales@refugemedical.com, to give you proper wholesale pricing.