BearMIN 2.0 Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

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Made in the USA! 

The Bear Minimum "BearMIN 2.0" Kit was designed to be a compact individual first aid kit and is outfitted to treat the most common preventable injuries.

The BearMIN uses premium components from North American Rescue, TacMed, and Safeguard Medical; at home on a plate carrier, chest rig, or war belt, this compact kit destroys the competition.

The unique design of the BearMIN inner pouch allows for rapid deployment of life saving equipment while not sacrificing organization and retention; the medical components have been thoughtfully laid out to allow prioritization of care in low-light and no-light situations.

US-made custom MOLLE-compatible outer pouch. Rapid-deploy organizational inner pouch. Can be mounted to a belt or Molle fields

Available in 8 Different Colors: Black, Red, Coyote Tan, Grey, OD Green, Ranger Green, MARPAT, MultiCam

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  • Refuge Medical Patch
  • Gen 7 CAT Tourniquet
  • Trauma Shears
  • Halo Chest Seals (2Pk)
  • 6" Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD)
  • Compressed Gauze
  • Gloves, Pair
  • Permanent Marker
  • Medical Tape, 1”x10 yards
  • Eye Shield
  • Eye Pad
  • BurnTec 2.5 x 5 
  • Band-Aid Bag
  • Steri-Strip 1/4
  • Steri-Strip 1/2
  • Gauze Pad, 5x9" (1)
  • Gauze Pad, 4x4", 2pk (2)
  • Gauze Pad, 3x3", 2pk (2) 
  • Gauze Pad, 2x2", 2pk (2)
  • 3" x 4yd Rolled Gauze
  • Hemostatic Gauze
  • OTC Wipes Pack (Includes contents below)
  • Burn gel packet (4)
  • Triple Antibiotic packet (4)
  • Antiseptic Wipes (4)
  • Sting Relief Wipes (4)
  • Alcohol Wipes (4)

Pouch Dimensions

5" x 7 1/2" x 2 1/2"

 Weight: 1lb 11oz Fully Loaded

 **Kit contents may be slightly modified with similar items due to stock shortages**

**We recommend you get trained on all your equipment**

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