JUNGLE Quick Dry Silver Lining Sock

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JUNGLE Quick-Dry Silver Lining Sock

Content: 75% Moisture Repelling Polypropylene, 23% Durable Nylon, 2% Spandex Lycra

Our JUNGLE Quick-Dry Silver Lining Sock - Minimal body weight with Covert Threads high durability. Special Moisture Drop Zone™ provides an avenue for moisture to escape the bottom of the foot bed. Moisture repelling material moves moisture and dries quickly keeping feet cool & comfortable. JUNGLE Sock's™ Silver Lining helps fight foot fungus & odor.


    • Moisture building up in sock
    • Blisters because foot stays wet
    • Foot Fungus because bacteria buildup in Boot
    • Feet are hot
    • My Socks don't dry fast enough after field washing to use within a few hours


    • JUNGLE Sock's™ Moisture Drop Zone™ allows sock to dump moisture quickly
    • JUNGLE Sock's™ Material is made to Repel Moisture
    • JUNGLE Sock's™ Silver Lining Aids in Battling Bacteria
    • JUNGLE Sock™ is Low Volume and Extremely Breathable
    • JUNGLE Sock™ Dries within 2 hours when hung over pack in the sun