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Other Useful Links

  • Marineparents.com - A Place to Meet and Share
  • Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund - Outdoor sports programs, including fishing, handcycling and triathlon, track and field events and recreational shooting and hunting
  • www.TipOfTheSpear.org - a certified 501 (c)(3), 100% volunteer organization that support our soldiers and marines in the world's of most hostile locations
  • Ideal Impressions - Unique military bumper magnets, key tags, mouse pads, and gifts designed by Marine & Navy Parents in Ohio. We also offer hand painted Americana, Patriotic and custom designs! Proud sponsors of Blue Star Mothers of America.
  • www.freedomstarunited.com - Freedom Star United specializes in patriotic and military quilt design. We can personalize quilts for any military branch, MOS or base. Deb & Duane Granger (Founders & Owners)
  • I Honor Your Service to America.com - Express support for people in our military putting their lives on the line so that we will be safe