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Blue Lagoon Inc (dba Covert Threads)




Covert Threads is a company in Hickory North Carolina.  All of our socks are proudly manufactured by Americans in Hickory North Carolina keeping community strong.  Our mission is to manufacture and provide a line of Military & Outdoor Socks, Physical Training Socks, and Military Dress Socks along with other improved garments for the Marine, soldier or anyone looking for comfortable yet rugged socks that stand up to the rigors of harsh climates and conditions.  “A Sock for Every Clime & Place



Manufacturing Facility: Covert Threads Socks are manufactured to the highest quality & production standards.  Our manufacturing operates under a certified ISO 9001-2015 system with highly qualified personnel using state of the art knitting and finishing equipment.  Only the Best USA made yarns are used in our socks for our warriors.

Socks: One sock cannot be utilized for all climates & missions. With the help & input of our US Marines, Covert Threads developed a line of the best footwear that is “A Sock for Every Clime & Place”.

Our Socks specifically designed featuring but not limited to:

  • Absorbent Synthetic & USA Merino Wool work to Help Prevent Blisters/Hot Spots
  • All Day Support Built Into each Sock aids in Improvement of Circulation of Lower Appendages
  • Ventilated Mesh Helps Moisture to Escape Aiding in Keeping Feet Dry
  • Built-In Arch Support Made for the Long Haul & Keeps Socks in Place
  • Durable Sculpted Heel & Toe Cushion Engineered for Maximum Comfort & Absorption of High Impact and Friction.
  • Silver Lining™ in Entire Garments Helps Prevent Infections & Fights Foot Odor
  • Silver also Aids in Storage and Distribution of Thermal Energy Evenly and Efficiently
  • Berry Compliant Products


*Covert Threads always values input from our warriors to improve and continue supplying the best in footwear.


Past Performance

Covert Threads is sold in retail, wholesale, direct to consumer (web) & government/tactical avenues.

  • CT has been one of the best sellers in USMC & Base Supply since 2006 and going strong.
  • CT has received commendations since the inception by program managers in the USMC.
  • CT supplies USAF Special Forces thru BAMs program being one of the highest rated items in the program.
  • CT are sold nationally & internationally by dealers, retailers & contractors
  • CT is available by top suppliers TLS Program for Special Operational Equipment


Peter Menzies, President            

Russ Meade, Chief Military Advisor

Office: 828-324-2333

1011 10th St Blvd NW - Hickory NC 28601 - USA