Enduro Compression Sleeve

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ENDURO Compression Sleeve

*** Berry Compliant ***

Contents: 90% Cool Wicking Nylon / 10% Spandex Lycra

Enduro Sleeve - 20mmHg at the Ankle graduated up the leg to 15mmHg at the Calf fitting to the contours of your legs. This sleeve fits tighter at the Ankle & looser at the calf aiding in bringing blood flow back towards the heart. Also Durable Quick Drying yarn that moves moisture and dries quickly keeping legs cool & comfortable. These can also be worn with your favorite Covert Threads Socks. Easy on & Easy off.

Compression Sleeves Help:

  • Lessen Soreness from Long Hauls/Runs
  • Aid Increase in Blood Flow/Oxygen to Muscle Tissue
  • Reduce Muscle Oscillation/Jolting
  • Lessen Cramps, Shin Splints, & Injuries
  • Quicker Enhanced Recovery from Long Hauls
  • Eliminate Odor w/ Antimicrobial Ag

Performance Graduated Compression Rating 20mmHg Ankle- 15mmHg Calf