Inside the Wire Moisture Wicking PT Shirt

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Covert Threads™ Moisture wicking PT Shirt

Shirt is designed for PT only. Not to be worn Outside the Wire. See our OTW for fire retarded protection!

Shirt helps move moisture and promotes evaporation which in turn cools your body. Knit with nonabrasive polyester in the body and under arm gusset with antimicrobial X-Static Silver exactly where it counts.

Body= 100% 0%TiO2 Moisture Wicking Polyester
Under Arm Vent Panels = 95% Moisture Wicking Polyester / 5% Antimicrobial X-Static Silver

Our PT Shirt:

  • Constructed with flat lock stitches that are super strong yet extremely flat for non pressure points
  • Seams rolled off the shoulders for maximum comfort
  • Smooth snug fitting collar.